Hyperbaric Chamber Price

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber Price     SOLD

The Base price for the Monoplace Hyperbaric chamber is £21,500 (Twenty One Thousand and Five Hundred GB Pounds). This is a private sale and VAT shall not be charged.

The Base price includes:
1 of Monoplace Hyperbaric chamber
1 of Clarke electric powered, low pressure, air compressor with an integrated 50 litre volume tank
1 of Divex Ultralite 2 Built-in-Breathing-System (BIBS) mask and associated flexible hoses.
1 of Oxygen supply regulator valve and flexible hose.
1 of Analox Sub: Oxygen (ppO²) sensor with pipework and a used sensor cell
1 of Divex AL32, 2 way communications system
1 of Adjustable bed
1 of External light, mounted above a port adjacent to a depth gauge



The chamber and compressor may be collected from its current location near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK

The Base price does not include any shipping fees.

The Buyer may arrange for shipping.
The Buyer may request the Seller to arrange for shipping. The Seller shall levy a fee to arrange shipping dependent on the complexity of the shipping requirements. The minimum fee to arrange shipping is £100. This is not the cost of shipping, that shall be quoted and charged by the shipper direct to the Buyer or added to the Seller's price.



The Buyer shall pay all fees above the Base price before shipping.

The Buyer has the option to either

1. pay the Base price of £21,500 before shipping, or

2. re-imburse the Seller for the use for an Escow service such as www.escrow.com

Payment Methods

1. Bank Transfer. For an International bank transfer, each party pays its own bank costs.
2. An Escrow service



This contract of sale for the Monoplace Hyperbaric chamber is governed by English Law.

Additional Conditions of Sale